Current MSA Board: Fall 2012

  • Safwan Shaikh (President) Coming back as my president and yours this fall, Safwan is a business major in his Junior year. He's serious when it's time to be serious, but don't let that fool you—he is also a laid-back, funny guy with a sense of humor. And that shows when he goes to give da'wah or play basketball with other MSA members. His goal this year is to improve every aspect of the MSA as much as he can. May Allah help him, and may Allah help us to help him. 
  • Haajra (Vice President) — Assalaamu Alaikum-Just to let you know a little bit about me: I am from CT and this will be my second year at UConn. When I get the chance, I love to read, horseback ride, and learn more about Islam. I like meeting new people so hopefully the MSA will allow me to continue to do so. I am open to suggestions and look forward to working with the Board this year. Insha'Allah we will all have a successful year, both as students and as an organization. 
  • Ammad Shaikh (Secretary, Webmaster)  Salam. I like to, or at least aspire to, have simplicity and beauty in all I do (kind of like Apple), so I'll keep this short. I'm a sophomore Computer Science student in the Honors program with crazy goals and dreams—I wish I could change the world sometimes. I do what I can.
  • Hani Yusuf (Treasurer) — As Salaamu Alaykum, from spamming people with emails and reminders, I'm back as treasurer this keep your money close by or else... muhahaha!  I'm going into my junior year as an MIS major.  Besides hanging around the masjid, I enjoy hitting up the gym and then ruining my work out by going to Husky Pizza, for which I have a never ending love for.  I've been told that I am a pretty approachable person so feel free to contact me if you ever need anything...I won't try to sell you an MSA shirt, I pmorise...
  • Adeel Kadeer (Da'wah Chair)  As Salaamu Alaykum, my name is Adeel Kadeer, and I will be a senior here at Uconn this fall inshaAllah. I do my best to help out others in any way I can so if you ever need anything(halal) please do not hesitate to ask. I will be running Dawaah table this year and am looking forward to improving ourselves and helping to improve others around us inshaAllah.
  • Shayma Vazifdar (Sister's Activities) — Your Sister’s Chair for the 2012-2013 school year was born in Yonkers, NY and raised in the dirty south. Baking cupcakes and making posters won’t be the only things she’ll do along with striving and making dua’a for a united ummah. She hopes to bring all the wonderful Muslim gals at UCONN together, build a tight knit community with them, and foster a nurturing environment for them InshAllah!

Fall 2011 Fall 2010 Fall 2009 Fall 2008 Fall 2007 Fall 2006
President Zabihullah Mamun Zabihullah Mamun Kurshat Kavgaci and Rohail Majid Rohail Majid Saleh Ibrahim Ali Lagston
Vice President Rowida Mohamed Guleid Awale Zabihullah Mamun Faseeha Altaf Abeer Ayaz Farooq Akthar
Da'wah Table Safwan Shaikh Rifat Chowdhury Kurshat Kavgaci Maliha Malik Maliha Malik
Secretary Hani Yusuf Shahryar Baig Khayriyyah Munir Khayriyyah Munir Sania Mahmood Saleh Ibrahim
Treasurer Gulzar Dalal Gulzar Dalal Asad Siddiqui Asad Siddiqui Mariam Alavi Abeer Ayaz
Brother's Activities Adeel Kadeer Nayab Rani Ali Mirza Sarmad Ahmed Faisal Khasem
Sister's Activities Hanfa Sultan Amina Toor Lauren Duval Marvi Ayaz Fatima Toor Sania Mahmood


Dina Naiem (Public relations, 2011)

Rifat Chowdhury (Webmaster, 2008)

Ali Lagston (Publicity, 2007)

Nancy Mahmood (Marketing, 2006)

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