Halal Dining at UConn

All praise due to Allah, it is not necessary for Muslims enrolled at UConn to have vegetarian/fish-only diets (or worse---haram diets!). There are quite a few amount of options for dining.

  1. Towers (Gelfenbien Commons) dining hall, located conveniently near the masjid, hosts a variety of different types of Halal food. Much of the MSA eats together daily at this dining hall. In fact, every Friday, those who do not have meal plans are "flexed" into the dining hall for free by those with meal plans, and the result is that the MSA fills up several large tables by itself and has an enjoyable feast weekly. There is also a Kosher stand with Kosher meat for those who do not have any issue with eating Kosher.
  2. Husky Pizza is a restaurant near the Shippee and Buckley dining halls. Those without meal plans enjoy eating the delicious food here, and the majority of the meat is halal (just make sure it is when ordering! Always ask for halal). Everything from fantastic grilled chicken pizza to hot wings to cheeseburger meals is available. Also, they offer free delivery!

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